Innovative technique that stimulates the skin’s ability to regenerate itself. 

Very effective in facial rejuvenation, to improve fine wrinkles, remove acne marks, pigmentation problems or for the treatment of alopecia. 


💎 Treatment indicated for: 

Rejuvenation of face, neck, necklines and hands. Wrinkle improvement. Acne marks, blemishes, scars. Alopecia and hair problems.


🗓Sessions One session every 3 weeks, minimum of 3/4 sessions. 


⏳Duration The effects appear in the medium, long term, progressively, and are permanent.

 It is performed using a medical device, a technique that stimulates the synthesis of new collagen and elastin, thus combating the signs of aging. 


👗 Who is it indicated for? 

This treatment is suitable for all skin types (even the darkest), even in areas where the skin is more fragile and sensitive (eyes, eyelids, lips, hands, neck and décolletage).

-Effective treatment for rejuvenation of the face, neck, neckline and hands. 

In cases of dehydrated, devitalized skin, with little luminosity. 

-To improve fine wrinkles, eye contour, sagging face and neck. 

-Treatment of acne and dilated pores, as a regulating treatment of oil secretion. -Treatment of stains. 

-Body treatments, stretch marks, scars, cellulite and flaccidity. 

-Treatment of alopecia, hair loss, fine and lifeless hair.


It is an ideal treatment! to improve wrinkles, scars, stretch marks and pigmentation disorders located in any area of ​​the body.


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