LED (light-emitting diode) light therapy is a non-invasive treatment that enters the skin’s layers to improve the skin.

What does LED light therapy do?


LED light therapy helps treat a variety of skin concerns and conditions, including:




Hair loss.


Mild to moderate acne.




Rough, scaly, precancerous spots on the skin (actinics keratosis).




Sun Damage.






In some cases, LED light therapy may treat small and superficial basal cell carcinoma (BCC). BCC, a skin cancer, is the most common type of cancer, affecting about 3.6 million Americans each year.

During treatment, skin specialists may use a combination of lights to treat your specific issue. 


How long does it take for LED light therapy to work?


To see significant benefits, you typically need to have a series of in-office treatments. You may need a treatment each week for about a month. Then you might need maintenance treatments every month or every few months.


Who should not have LED light therapy?


LED light therapy isn’t appropriate for everyone, including people who:

Take certain medications that increase their sensitivity to sunlight, such as isotretinoin and lithium.Have a history of certain conditions, including skin cancer and inherited eye diseases.


What happens after LED light therapy?


After LED light therapy, you can return to your regular activities with one exception: Stay out of the sun for several days and apply extra sunscreen.


What are the benefits of LED light therapy?



Treat acne.Reduce fine lines.Help with wound healing.

People with any skin type and color can use LED light therapy. LED light therapy doesn’t use ultraviolet (UV) light, so it doesn’t cause damage or burns to your skin.


What is the recovery time after LED light therapy?

There isn’t a recovery time for LED light therapy. Besides being careful about sun exposure in the 48 hours after treatment, you can return to your normal routine.


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