Gigiaesthetics it offers you various types of lasers for permanent hair removal such as alexandrite, ipl, diode and yag. We advise you on which one may be the most convenient for you according to your case and skin type.

Our Laser Hair Removal service, with the different options and alternatives that we have and that are at your disposal, always with the Professional and Qualified Advice in our Medical Spa. 

Whenever you make the decision of a hair removal treatment you must take into account multiple factors why a laser is or is not suitable for you and your skin and which one should really be used; each treatment is individual and also depends on whether you have any medical condition that may present a special requirement not only in terms of which laser is ideal for you but also. 

also if you require a longer treatment or not! and all the professional advice that you should receive so that you always have the best results.



Is one of the most widely used hair removal lasers, operating at a shorter wavelength of 755nm (near infrared wavelength).

The advantages of the Alexandrite laser are:

  • It penetrates the skin deeply enough to reach the hair follicles in their growth stage, disabling them so they don’t re-grow.
  • It is very effective for people who are of light-to-olive complexion (Fitzpatrick 1 to 3 skin types) provided they aren’t sun tanned.
  • It is one of the fastest lasers given the spot size it uses. This means it is well-suited to treating larger body areas.
  • It is effective on finer, thinner hairs that other lasers struggle to remove.
  • It is made more comfortable with the use of a dynamic cooling device.

The darker a person’s hair and the lighter the colour of their skin, the better the results they are likely to see.



Is a laser treatment that gently removes hair while protecting the skin. The treatment is suitable for all skin types. 

Diode laser projects light within the visible to the infrared range (~810 nm) in order to target specific pigment cells.

  • It works on both light and dark skin. However, it is more effective for darker, terminal hair than lighter, finer hair.
  • By encouraging the hair to grow straight, the diode laser also eliminates the risk of stubborn ingrowth of hair.
  • Compared to other lasers, its wavelength offers the deepest penetration and superior melanin absorption.

These unique characteristics make the diode laser the most suitable technology for laser hair reduction, allowing safe and effective treatment of all skin and hair types, for all body areas.



Nd: YAG” is an abbreviation for neodymium doped laser with yttrium-aluminium garnet crystal. Upon irradiation of light onto the crystal, an activation of the neodymium atoms is triggered, resulting in the emission of light pulses.

With the Nd: YAG laser a targeted treatment is possible, since the adjusted wavelength is selective regarding colours and structures. This way damaging the surrounding tissue, as well as blood vessels can be prevented.

 which is This radiation has a wavelength of 1064 nm. With this wavelength, the laser light can be optimally absorbed by the melanin. The body’s own dye darkens hair and skin. This way a treatment with the neodymium-YAG- laser is optimally suited for people with a darker skin tone. Since with darker skin the hairs are mostly thick and the hair root sits especially deep under the skin, the YAG laser is the perfect choice. The light pulses penetrate the skin deeply (up to 5 mm) and can reach those ingrained hair roots.

Here the target is the elimination of the hair root, which prevents the regrowth of the hair.

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