It is part of our regular and appropriate care for our skin, it eliminates impurities, pimples and blackheads, increasing skin hydration, helping to decongest the face. It stimulates the regeneration of new cells, leaving a smoother, finer and healthier skin. Allows the Oxygenation of the Skin delaying the appearance of wrinkles and obtaining a more luminous skin. 

It helps to optimize any other subsequent aesthetic treatment as it facilitates the absorption of the active compounds used in the different techniques and products to keep your skin radiant and healthy. 

  • In our Medical Spa you will find the right advice for you in a personalized way where we will evaluate the different approaches to be able to give you the care and attention that your skin requires, since deep facial cleansing is different for each skin type, which is why it is The prior diagnosis and the products and techniques that we must carry out in each one according to their needs are very important!
  • Our deep facial cleaning aims to be carried out with all the care and approach necessary! Therefore, we invite you to carry out an individual consultation to be able to provide you with what you and your skin really need! 
  • In our place we use exclusive products of excellent quality as well as the best treatments available to improve your quality of life! Because healthy skin is also Health.

At✨ GIGI AESTHETICS ✨ we have the best exclusive products 💦SEBO XTRACTOR 💦 and protocols to offer you so that you can perform a Facial Cleaning according to your needs in a personalized way and skin type!

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