How can my skin benefit? It is a non-damaging strong exfoliation treatment; It is designed to safely remove the top layer of skin, taking away all those little blemishes. One session has the brightening effect of four chemical peels! The laser also penetrates and stimulates collagen production, giving you a long-lasting appearance. 

  • This treatment greatly reduces acne and enlarged pores! It is excellent for brightening skin tone and fading dark spots. In addition to addressing these concerns, this treatment will leave you with a more youthful glow than you’ve seen in years. 
  • It is a rejuvenated, radiant face with completely renewed skin! you want a renewed skin the Hollywood Peel Facial is the answer! 
  • Remember that you must take advantage of the winter season! to carry out all the renewal treatments for your skin, especially for your Face!
  • Schedule your appointment today! What are you waiting for!