BODY CONTOURING is a combination of different modalities to achieve better results!

At GIGI AESTHETICS we have the best products PHYSIO CREAM and PHYSIO GEL based on peptides together with exclusive technology and protocols to offer you! So you can perform a Body Contour according to your needs in a personalized way!



is a natural phenomenon based on low frequency ultrasound. The ultrasound produces a strong wave of pressure to fat cell membranes. A fat cell cannot withstand this pressure and therefore disintegrates into a liquid state.

  • What happens to the released fat?

During the 3D-cavitation treatment, the membranes of the fat cells are disrupted. The fat cell content, primarily comprised of triglycerides, is dispersed into the fluid between the cells and then transported through the vascular and lymphatic systems to the liver. The liver makes no distinction between fat coming from the 3D-cavitation treatment and fat originating from consumed food. Both are processed by the body’s natural mechanisms.

  • What areas can be improved with cavitation?

cavitation is best for treating larger areas of fat such as the abdomen, thighs and ‘muffin top’.

  • Can I combine 3D-cavitation with other treatments?

Yes, 3D-cavitation can often be combined with other treatments depending on what you are looking to achieve. A therapist will devise a tailored treatment program which may incorporate the addition of other technologies.


No, cavitation is a painless treatment. Mild redness may appear occasionally but will be highly unlikely to cause any actual pain. The heat from the hand pieces felt during the treatment is perfectly tolerable. This treatment is a nonsurgical procedure without anesthesia – it’s non-invasive (no cutting, leaves no scars or the need for any post-operative course) and no downtime should be experienced after the treatment.


• Ultrasound Cavitation: 6–10 treatments spaced 1-2 weeks apart per specific area


Advantages over other treatments:

• Non invasive treatment

• No need for hospitalization nor anesthesia

• No scars nor long term marking of the skin

• Very little discomfort

• Elimination of the fat through a natural process

• 20-60 min per session



Laser lipolysis is a non-invasive form of body sculpting. It removes small fat deposits. Like surgical liposuction, this procedure permanently removes fat cells from your body. It’s much less painful, though, and laser lipolysis recovery is also shorter and less complicated. It also comes with a lower risk of loose skin afterward.

In addition, you will always have all of Gigi’s recommendations and advice exclusively with all her 17-year experience and knowledge in Aesthetic Care and Body Beauty.


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